The best tattoo ink today (best selling)

Each tattoo is a work of talented tattoo artist. Besides choosing a beautiful tattoo, good tattooist, choosing the best tattoo ink is also extremely important. You choose the right quality ink will create a beautiful, extreme tattoo. Here are the top tattoo ink brands in the world that are trusted by everyone.

1. Intenze tattoo ink

Intenze tattoo ink has been around since 1978 when its founder Mario Barth (Australian) fell in love with a tattooing career. As one of the famous tattoo ink lines in the world, it is popular with many people with good color quality, safe for the skin, no side effects and at the same time durable during use.

Mực xăm Intenze


The best-selling Intenze tattoo ink products include: Intenze Zuper Black, Intenze Suluape Black, Intenze Formula, Intenze High White, Intenze Black Sumi, Intenze Black Sumi Light Gray, Intenze Black Sumi Dark Grey, Intenze Golden Yellow Yellow …

2. Eternal tattoo ink

Eternal tattoo ink is a tattoo ink manufactured and distributed in the United States (USA). This is a completely safe, non-toxic, Glycerol-free tattoo ink, is a water-based, vegan ink that easily “eats” into the skin, leaving behind bright colors and fairly high color fastness. health safety. Therefore, Eternal tattoo ink is chosen by many artists.

Mực xăm Eternal

The ingredients are made from natural very good for the human body. A total of 24 collections, diverse in different colors. Compared to Intenze tattoo ink, this line of ink has a more diverse choice of colors. It is this that can meet all the needs and different tattoo ideas of artists.

3. Dynamic tattoo ink

Dynamic is a line of high quality American super black tattoo ink, with good adhesion and color, so it is popular and chosen by many Tattoo Artists. Super black ink, water-based ink, easy-to-mix, easy-to-mix ink (ink easily mixes with other inks or color ink without affecting the ink quality)

Derived from nature with ingredients extracted from plants, making it safe for the skin and easy in tattooing for both artists and tattooists.

Mực xăm Dynamic

The best-selling Dynamic tattoo ink products include: Dynamic Triple Black (TBK), Dynamic Black (BLK), Dynamic Turquoise – TRQ, Dynamic Fire Red – RD1, Dynamic Chinese Red – RD2, Dynamic White – WD1 tattoo ink products. …

4. Radiant Ink . Tattoo Ink

Radiant Colors is an ink company specializing in tattoo art from the United States that uses the latest technology for tattoo ink.

Mực xăm Radiant Ink

Radiant Ink has worked closely with famous tattoo artists around the world. From these experiences Radiant has created an ink that uses the latest technology in tattooing with uniform pigments that are easy to apply, pure, and unbroken. Radiant’s homogenizing ink blend creates a vibrant, long-lasting, vibrant color. Allows you to always see the true color when tattooing on the skin.

5. World Famous tattoo ink

Many professional tattooists will surely know Kurosumi ink company with many years of experience in the production of tattoo ink. After a period of time when tattoo techniques developed as well as modern science, the company launched World Famous tattoo ink. This is the top five ink line in the top of the best tattoo ink.

Mực xăm World Famous

This ink is based on a combination of unique formulations and years of experience in the tattoo ink industry. World Famous offers users high quality tattoo ink with excellent pigment content and flow rate. This ink is manufactured in the US with many high technologies, breakthroughs in all aspects.

The rich color palette gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of artworks. The ink has a natural color, high color adhesion and long fading, suitable for all skin types.

6. Fusion tattoo ink

Adam Everett has been researching and producing tattoo ink since 1991. In 1995 he and Next Generation Tattoo Machines company combined to create Fusion ink brand. It is a shiny ink, very easy to catch and fast to color.

Mực xăm Fusion

Contains a much higher pigment count than other inks on the market. As a completely pure organic color ink, Fusion is not used to mix with other chemicals, so it is very friendly and does not harm the skin, suitable for both Asian and European tattoos.

7. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

In the world of tattoo ink, Kuro Sumi tattoo ink as the Vietnamese call it, is known as the “king of tattoo inks”. Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is a Japanese brand of tattoo ink, this tattoo ink has a history of hundreds of years dating back to medieval Japan – this is the tattoo ink used by soldiers, especially favored by Japanese Shoguns. – the Shoguns, the top generals in the Japanese army. Up to now, Kuro Sumi tattoo ink has been internationalized and present in hundreds of countries around the world, loved and known by artists.

Mực xăm Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is made from completely natural ingredients – organic – so it always ensures a safe factor for the health of tattooists and tattooists. Kuro Sumi’s tattoos after being done are not only beautiful, but over time it becomes deeper, making the tattoos always stay alive and beautiful.

8. Killer Silver Tattoo Ink

Killer Silver Tattoo Ink was developed by renowned tattoo artist Black & Gray Caesar to enable realistic-looking 3D illustrations with blacks and grays on the skin. By using Seven Shades, you’ll get close to the range of shades of a realistic 3D pencil drawing. Includes six black tones that can easily be extended to thirteen grays.

Killer Silver Tattoo Ink is skin-friendly and well absorbed by cells. This leads to reduced pain, inflammation, and redness. Make sure your skin heals faster.

Killer Silver Tattoo Ink

Caesar’s tattoo inks comply with the German Tattoo Regulation and are marketable in Europe under ResAP Resolution (2008) 1. They do not contain carcinogenic aromatic amines or PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). The formula, unlike some other tattoo inks, is made with organic rather than synthetic materials. Microbiological safety is ensured by sterilization with gamma rays.

9. Diau An Tattoo Ink

When it comes to the best tattoo ink, it is definitely impossible to ignore Diau An tattoo ink. This line of ink is a product of An Eagle Tattoo Equipment, Taiwan’s leading tattoo company.

Diau An is considered a premium ink line with good quality and natural colors. Many young people when choosing ink color often wonder about its safety. However, when you choose the color of Diau An tattoo ink, there is no need to worry about that. This ink is produced with natural ingredients, has no harmful substances and is tested for health safety.

Mực xăm Diau An

This ink is used for contouring, contouring and creating the Tribal and Maori shapes of tattoos. Besides, Diau An ink can be diluted for polishing. Diau An tattoo ink with glossy black ink will ensure to satisfy the most demanding customers.

In addition to the outstanding points that Diau An tattoo ink brings to users, the price is also what makes customers very satisfied. This line of ink has an affordable price that suits the needs of tattooists.

10. Silverback Tattoo Ink

The next ink on the list of the best tattoo ink is Silverback tattoo ink. One of the black inks offers a stroke or polish experience. This is the ink line that many people trust to choose today.

Mực xăm Silverback

Sikverback possesses many outstanding advantages that no other ink line has. The product is of high quality, super black tattoo ink and extremely bright, long-lasting color. When you choose silverback tattoo ink, you will be extremely satisfied by the absolute perfection. Therefore, if you want to have a quality tattoo, you should try this silverback tattoo ink.

11. Solid Ink . tattoo ink

The last tattoo ink that you should not ignore in the best tattoo ink table is Solid Ink ink. This product from the United States was created by tattooist Federico Ferroni. Solid Ink is a line of ink with high quality in all aspects with natural ingredients. It is this that has helped tattoo ink to be trusted by many people for its safety. Tattoo ink has good ink color adhesion and extremely bright and standard color.

Mực xăm Solid Ink

Solid ink combines organic pigments with the highest quality, fast-catching colors. This ink is very easy to work with even beginners. In particular, it does not contain harmful ingredients for tattooists, suitable for all skin types.

The best tattoo ink lines that you should refer to when choosing tattoo ink. Quality ink will give you a perfect work of art. In the process of choosing ink colors, you should choose good, quality and safe inks. Hope you can choose the right ink color to express your personality in your tattoos.

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