(Tuan Nguyen) tatoo won the first prize at Tattoo Expo Tattooist festival

With more than 7 years of experience in the profession, Tuan Nguyen Tattoo is a name that is no longer strange to those who are passionate about tattoo art in Saigon. Especially, within the framework of the Saigon Tattoo Expo Tattooist festival (2021), Tuan Nguyen Tattoo won the first prize in the “Best in super small job” category with his portrait tattoo work.

Tuấn Nguyễn Tattoo
Tuan Nguyen won the first prize for tattooing in the ‘Best in super small job’ category at the Tattoo Expo Tattooist festival

I. Tattoo Tuan Nguyen – The destination of prestige and quality

Currently, tattoo art is no longer strange to the majority of people. This art increasingly transcends the narrow ideas of the old society and becomes open to people of all ages. People come to tattoo art not only because of passion, but hidden deep behind those tattoos are stories and memories that they want to be kept forever in their hearts.

Tuấn Nguyễn Tattoo

Each work from Tuan Nguyen Tattoo is not simply a tattoo, but it also carries a soul value of the people who do it and the owner of the tattoo. For Tuan Nguyen Tattoo, each tattoo is a work of art and must be truly soulful and convey meaning. Whatever the customer’s request, the team can fulfill it perfectly. Although it’s just an idea, tattooists will turn it into a complete work.

II. Tuan Nguyen Tattoo – The place to breathe soul for each work

Tuan Nguyen Tattoo’s tattoo works will go from simple to complex, from less detailed to more detailed depending on your preferences. Not only encapsulated in the available tattoo patterns, customers can chat with the tattooist and come up with ideas to design a unique tattoo pattern that only they have. The professionalism is clearly shown through the works done extremely carefully, meticulously to every ink stroke.

Hình xăm chân dung tả thực của tuấn nguyễn tattoo

Whether the tattoo is large or small, customers always receive professional service. Each work is an artist’s dedication, it’s not only special to customers | but also a spiritual child closely attached to the artist at Tuan Nguyen Tattoo.

III. The touching story behind the tattoos

Not only because of passion and love, many people also come to tattoo art with the desire to be able to save memories and images of loved ones. To them, these are not just ordinary tattoos, but it is also a place to keep the feelings, memories, memories that they want to carry with them throughout this life.

Sharing about tattoos on his body, Tuan Nguyen said: “Because I want to keep the image of my deceased father, I want him to accompany me throughout my life, so I decided to get a portrait tattoo of my father. on arms. This is also the most meaningful tattoo for me and also the opportunity that brought me to the art of tattooing.”

A customer at Tuan Nguyen Tattoo shared: “Following Mr. Tuan’s works for more than a year now, from colors to lines are very realistic. So, I decided to come to Tuan Nguyen Tattoo with the hope that he could come up with ideas, design and make tattoos about my mother and lotus flowers for me. The reason I want to leave a picture of my mother is because she is my only relative, her passing away because of Covid makes me very sad. I hope that through this tattoo, I can keep the best image of my mother forever with me.”

All tattoo works are inspired by Artist Tuan Nguyen and bring special meanings. Come and try, just once but maybe make you “addicted” and want to come tattooed forever. For more information, please contact https://www.facebook.com/tuannguyentattooos

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